Where Coding Excellence Intersects AI Innovation.

MHA’s partnership with Select Data helps drive accuracy in coding while leveraging the power of AI to transform post-acute documentation. Outsourcing coding and CDI services to a professional external provider with a significant track record of success in the industry means a home health agency can focus its resources on expanding its referral base and improving patient care services provided rather than trying to remain current on ever-evolving coding best practices while avoiding costly mistakes.

  • High-Quality Coding
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • OASIS Accuracy
  • Referral/Pre-Coding




“One of the greatest challenges facing our industry continues to revolve around how agencies interpret and digest large amounts of unstructured data from their referral partners. Select Data's new AI engine not only solves this challenge but transforms how agencies now review & accurately code assessments under PDGM. Partnering with Maxwell Healthcare Associates to help introduce this new technology through our services program was a no-brainer for us”

Mark Richardson

EVP of Sales, Select Data

Augmented Coding & QA Webinar

Clinician burnout is at an all-time high within the post-acute space. Join us for this co-sponsored webinar with, Select Data, to learn about augmented AI solutions your agency can mobilize to stop this trend of burnout and other issues affecting productivity.

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