Accurately designates a predictive
length of stay (PLOS) for every patient.

Hospice Dynamix uses patent-pending artificial intelligence and real-time EMR integration to accurately designate a predictive length of stay (PLOS) for every patient. The Hospice Dynamix platform continuously learns with every admission, discharge, death, or change in patient status. The more data that Hospice Dynamix receives, the smarter and more accurate it becomes.


Terry Swatley

“Combining the expertise of MHA and Medalogix creates an unparalleled opportunity to deliver innovative solutions to the hospice sector. MHA's team of seasoned professionals and Medalogix's cutting-edge technology position us to address the unique challenges faced by hospice providers. Together, we are dedicated to empowering hospice agencies with expert guidance and advanced analytics to enhance patient care and drive operational excellence.”

Terry Swatley


4 Simple Steps to Getting Started:

  1. Schedule a demonstration. 
  2. Meet with a Demo Specialist. 
  3. Review the Dashboard Functionality.
  4. Implement throughout your organization

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