Modernize and Enhance the Bereavement Process.

The nanaBEREAVEMENT Module introduces a more efficient and personalized approach to bereavement communication by replacing traditional letters with text messages. This not only enhances support through tailored messages based on risk assessment but also yields cost savings by streamlining the communication process.

The nanaBEREAVEMENT Module operates by replacing traditional bereavement letters sent through the EMR system with personalized text messages. It leverages a risk assessment score for each bereavement contact to tailor the content of the text messages, ensuring a more individualized and supportive communication approach. The system is designed to streamline the bereavement communication process, contributing to cost savings by eliminating expensive processes associated with letter generation and sending. Overall, nanaBEREAVEMENT aims to provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution for managing bereavement communications.


nanaBEREAVEMENT Benefits

  • Implement Text-Based Messaging to Replace Antiquated Bereavement Support Processes
  • Enhance Personalized Bereavement Support for Hospice Agencies
  • Improve Communication & Maintenance Between Hospice Agencies and Families
Scott Beard

"nanaBEREAVEMENT, the latest addition to the MHA patient communication platform, revolutionizing traditional hospice care support. This innovative solution transitions from letters to personalized, text-based support, offering immediate comfort to the grieving. It delivers customized care, respecting each individual's journey, while also enhancing support levels and introducing cost efficiencies. nanaBEREAVEMENT epitomizes our commitment to improving care through technology."

Scott Beard

Chief Strategy Officer, Maxwell Healthcare Associates

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