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Elevate Patient Care with Daily Insights.

nanaCONNECT redefines patient care, particularly for those who may need extra attention or are living independently. By leveraging daily check-ins and a user-friendly rating system, you can be confident in your patients' well-being. Plus, nanaCONNECT is highly adaptable, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your agency's workflow. Elevate your patient care with nanaCONNECT - where every interaction brings you closer to improved well-being. Experience the future of healthcare today!

Features at a Glance

  • Daily Texts: Tailor messages to suit your patients' schedules, ensuring they receive timely check-ins for their peace of mind.
  • Simple Rating System: With a straightforward 1-5 rating, patients can effortlessly convey how they're feeling, empowering you with real-time insights.
  • Customizable Messages: Add a personal touch to every interaction. Customize messages to let your patients know it's you checking in, offering them a warm reminder of your care.
  • Dashboard Insights: Track Nana's daily ratings and monitor her overall well-being effortlessly. Identify any shifts that may need additional attention, ensuring her continued comfort.
  • Alert System: Receive instant notifications if Nana's well-being falls below a defined threshold. Take immediate action to ensure she's safe and sound.
  • Follow-up Notes: Keep tabs on your patient interactions with a handy sticky-note feature. Easily track which patients have been addressed.


nanaCONNECT Benefits:

  • Reduced Healthcare Costs: Keep patients where they belong - in the comfort of their homes. Prevent costly hospitalizations, benefiting both patients and providers.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Close monitoring leads to better outcomes, especially when patients can recover in familiar surroundings. Daily check-ins promote comfort and aid in their overall health.

  • Heightened Patient Satisfaction: Daily interactions positively impact patients' well-being. By providing timely follow-ups for those in need, you can elevate overall satisfaction levels.

  • Enhanced Continuity of Care: Collaborate closely with families and healthcare professionals to guarantee that Nana receives appropriate care when needed, enabling a smooth healthcare journey.

Tom Maxwell

"nanaCONNECT redefines patient care, providing peace of mind for both caregivers and patients. It seamlessly adapts and integrates into agency workflows, ensuring that a patient’s well-being remains the top priority." 

Tom Maxwell

Chairman & Co-founder, Maxwell Healthcare Associates

Groundbreaking Solutions to Transform Patient Care

Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA), the leading post-acute consulting firm, is proud to introduce two revolutionary products designed to elevate patient care and streamline agency operations.

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