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Engage and Retain Your Care Team Using Texts.  

Levo is a tool for multi-site healthcare providers, designed to increase employee engagement and retention through AI-powered insights, SMS text communications, and easy recognition channels. 

From day one, Levo regularly check-ins with employees to identify any red flags, retaining employees by addressing issues before they escalate. Employers rely on Levo to track changes in employee sentiment, focusing their efforts to increase staff engagement effectively. Beyond simply surveying employee and presenting data, Levo's AI presents personalized insights for every team member on top of aggregate trends that inform company strategy.

Workforce Engagement. Redefined.

Hello Levo

Jason Yu

"This partnership with Maxwell Healthcare Associates is a strategic move that aligns perfectly with our mission of building a more resilient and empowered healthcare workforce. Maxwell’s established reputation and deep understanding of the challenges faced by Home Health and Hospice agencies is instrumental in developing and implementing solutions to optimize employee retention rates. Together, we’re creating a measurable impact on the quality of care delivered and ultimately, improve patient outcomes."

Jason Yu

Founder & CEO - Levo

Carry vandenMaagdenberg

"We’ve been able to scale our high-touch employee onboarding experience across multiple states with Levo. Our HR Department and Clinical Operations Leadership Team work together to identify, in real-time, the employees who need extra support and respond to them quickly."

Carry vandenMaagdenberg

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Agape Care Group

Enhance Employee Engagement

Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA), a leading post-acute consulting firm, and Levo, innovators in employee engagement technology, announce a strategic partnership aimed at addressing critical challenges in healthcare staffing and employee engagement.

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