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Improve Communication Between Providers and Patients

MHA’s text-based notification solution is designed to keep patients informed about the arrival of their home health and hospice caregiver.

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Elevate Patient Care with Daily Insights

Stay seamlessly connected with your patients' well-being through nanaCONNECT, a revolutionary text-based solution designed for home health and hospice agencies.


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Empowering Productivity-Driven Decisions

Revolutionize your caregiving operations with our state-of-the-art, real-time productivity tool. Crafted specifically for home care and hospice agencies, this dynamic solution empowers users with a suite of features designed to make instantaneous,
data-driven decisions.


Tom Maxwell

“With this groundbreaking solution, we are revolutionizing patient care by streamlining appointment management, ensuring no visit goes unattended, and enabling clinicians to prioritize their valuable time effectively."

Tom Maxwell

Chairman & Co-founder, Maxwell Healthcare Associates

Scott Beard

"We are proud to introduce NOTIFYnana, a breakthrough solution that empowers patients and enhances their experience in the home. We aim to bridge communication gaps, improve patient safety, and ultimately transform the way healthcare is delivered."

Scott Beard

Chief Strategy Officer, Maxwell Healthcare Assoicates

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