Revolutionizing Home Care Technology.

The use of technology has become imperative for success in the everchanging environment of post-acute care. Countless agencies are either unaware of existing solutions, or underutilizing tech currently implemented within their processes. At MHA, our team brings industry-leading understanding of regulation, technology, and operations for quality care outcomes. We provide the necessary framework to identify operational gaps, fully leverage current technology, and discover innovative solutions to effortlessly solve longstanding problems.


A comprehensive growth strategy needs a specific focus on technology as your agency propels towards the future. Our team of strategic experts provide your people with the tools and understanding to fully leverage and grow with innovation.



Our experts provide a comprehensive overview of your agency’s current tech usage, gaps, and needs for growth. From there we inform a scalable growth strategy to increase usage of your technology and search for new innovations to thrive.



Our unique understanding is at your agency’s disposal to grow and prosper. With our suite of proprietary tech-enabled solutions and innovations from our heavily vetted strategic partners, your agency is in the right hands to achieve its goals. 


Tech-Enabled Solutions

Maxwell Healthcare Associates offers advanced home care technologies that offer better patient care and empower the post-acute care industry.

Troy Yarborough

“A successful EMR implementation is an agency’s biggest predictor of success. It’s an investment on the front end that will give you the greatest advantage in the long run--especially in the current regulatory landscape where efficiency and quality has never been more important. You have one chance to get it right. You don’t get a do over. We decided to do it right and that’s why we hired MHA.”

Troy Yarborough

CEO, Agape Care Group

“Our experience with the Maxwell Healthcare Associates team has been outstanding!  They helped us with our EMR implementation, and the experience has exceeded our expectations! Their team members employed exceptional tact and project management skills, kept our team on task and demonstrated significant knowledge of the Homecare Homebase product as well as partnership with the HCHB team. If your home health or hospice agency needs help implementing or optimizing technology, Maxwell Healthcare Associates is the place to call.”  

Nancy Stoddard

The New Jewish Home

Ingram Haley

"MHA has been an awesome partner to work with. We say jump; MHA says how high. You've met every need we've had and we're more than happy to continue these and other services into the new year and beyond"

Ingram Haley

CFO, Legacy Hospice

“A special shout out to our MHA consultants to recognize and thank each of you for the support you provided to our agencies over the past three weeks. For those who’ve reached the end of their time with LHC, it was a pleasure working with you. We look forward to the continued partnership for the remaining five weeks with the Virtual Zoom support staff.”

Janet Lukitsch-Palmieri

Director of Integration, LHC Group

“All went well. We had some hiccups with Omicron variant and illnesses but that could not be avoided. The Maxwell team did a great job following our COVID infection control process and did a good job when they were unable to go on-site due to COVID issues/office issues. Always a pleasure to partner with Maxwell.”

Jen Nycz

AccentCare Hospice

“Very much appreciated Maxwell and any personal encounters that I had…they were prompt to respond and very professional!”

Donna Thibodeaux

LHC Group

"We are part of a decently size hospital system of 9 hospitals and over 125 offices that have a detailed expectation for downtime. Our operations were shocked when presented with reports that brought limitations to our schedule. Thanks to MHA we now have almost complete replicas of those reports being executed multiple times a day every single day and placed on our downtime machine automatically after a long 4 years of manual execution by our IT team. Worth every single penny."

Business Support Analyst

Large Hospital System

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