Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making.

Just because you have tools to decipher your data, doesn’t mean you’ll always end up with a single source of truth. Your business analytics should be easy to understand, and sometimes it takes a little bit of clarity from data experts to set the record straight. MHA can break down the numbers for you, so you no longer have to spend hours behind a screen doing so. Our extensive toolset analyzes your entire agency and gives you a full diagnosis of the health of your organization.


CBI Report

Custom Business Insights (CBI) is a plug-and-play dashboard that enhances the entire data spectrum for your agency. The system is specially configured to meet your agencies needs while identifying KPIs from the data to optimize productivity.


MBI Report

Monthly Business Insights (MBI) provides key metrics needed to operate a home health and hospice agency/branch month over month. A valuable tool for healthcare agencies looking to optimize their operations and improve performance.

Monthly Bus Insights


The Hospice Eligibility Report provides valuable insights and metrics for Hospice Agencies looking to identify patients at risk for the Hospice eligibility audit. Focus on patients who did not have a hospitalization or emergency visit prior to electing hospice.

Hospice Eligibility Report

Business Analytics Components:

  • Monthly & Custom Business Insights
  • Customized Queries
  • Subscription Model Available
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Experience with top BI Tools
  • Proactive vs Reactive Business Decisions
  • Efficient Executive Views
  • Intuitive Visuals & Trending
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Accountability

"We are part of a decently size hospital system of 9 hospitals and over 125 offices that have a detailed expectation for downtime. Our operations were shocked when presented with reports that brought limitations to our schedule. Thanks to MHA we now have almost complete replicas of those reports being executed multiple times a day every single day and placed on our downtime machine automatically after a long 4 years of manual execution by our IT team. Worth every single penny."

Business Support Analyst

Large Hospital System

Podcast on The Three Pillars of Innovation

The Innovation Department at MHA is working through solutions to level up your agency's analytical confidence and holistic success. MHA's VP of Innovation, Scott Beard, talks through the three pillars of innovation and the exciting solutions MHA has to offer. 

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